How Not To Spend A Friday Night

It all started out so innocently. Checked out the holiday bazaar featuring local artisans. Got an amazing chair massage. Saw the lighting of the Christmas trees. It’s all good. Warm and fuzzy feelings despite the chill in the air; happy, smiling faces everywhere.

Here’s the thing: don’t try to be a hero after. If you’re at the bar by yourself, enjoying a night without kids screaming at you, don’t feel like you have to rectify centuries of bad reputation regarding the hospitality of your area of the country when a Southerner strikes up a conversation with you and starts buying you drinks. A) You can’t change deep-rooted beliefs in a single evening of conversation anyway, and B) You’ll only end up drunk. Very drunk. So drunk you marinated the bath mat with the pepperminty remains of the evening, yet you have no recollection of this very event come morning.
Yeah. Don’t do that.

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