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Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins - Poet in the Pantry

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins

Raspberry and chocolate is a smart and delicious idea. Intelligent words from my 9-year-old after sampling the latest concoction from the kitchen: …

Spiced Glazed Donuts - Poet in the Pantry

Spiced Glazed Donuts

I am my own worst enemy. I haven’t slept well in weeks. Part of it comes from my continuing battle with TMJ–which …

mocha whoopie pies - poet in the pantry

Mocha Whoopie Pies

My mom is well-known for her Mocha Frosting. It was a closely-guarded family secret for decades, one that she wouldn’t even share …

Cranberry Apple Crisp

Cranberry Apple Crisp

Thanksgiving is nearly here and I haven’t even begun to plan. Luckily, we’ll be feasting at my sister-in-law’s house–my contribution is just …

KAF Morning Glory Muffins

Morning Glory Muffins

Growing up in a house with a mom who bakes and blogs about it has really impacted my kids. Not necessarily in …

almond clementine bundt cake

Almond Clementine Bundt Cake

You know Old Man Winter will be here soon when the crates of clementines start making their appearance at grocery stores.¬†Winter time …