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Connecticut: Ritz Crystal Room at Remember When

The Ritz Cafe is a more casual dining experience on the first floor of Remember When in Torrington, CT

In the heart of Torrington lies a secret hiding in plain sight. Those who are acquainted with it have been enjoying its bounty for years. Those who walk on by have no idea the gem they’ve overlooked. Today, I hope to illuminate you all, because sometimes secrets just aren’t meant to be kept.

Remember When

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Local: Torrington’s Main Street Marketplace Returns, New Location and Name

Main Street Market Place collage

Torrington, Connecticut’s Main Street Marketplace returns on Thursday, July 9, 2015, for a new season of fun, food, and friends…with a new name. Redubbed “The Marketplace,” it has moved to Franklin Street this year, an area that was recently blocked off to vehicular traffic from the Main Street side. Parking will be available in the …

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Local: Robot Dance Off 2015

The Desultory Theatre Club presents Robot Dance Off 2015

You know how everyone is always complaining that there’s nothing to do? They want to get together but, after racking their brains, they come up empty? Saturday night will not be one of those nights!

The Desultory Theatre Club Presents… Robot Dance Off 2015

In their words, a night so nice, we’re doing it thrice! …

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Peanut Butter Blondies with Chocolate Ganache and Local Theater

Peanut Butter Blondies with Chocolate Ganache - Poet in the Pantry

I spent my weekend immersed in theater.

A joy I have denied myself for much of the last 2 decades, even though I not only once enjoyed being a part of the audience, but actually appeared on stage from time to time, as well. My credits are so old now I can barely recall them–juror …

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Torrington: So Much More Than “TOHO”

Julia Autumn Ford during a recent performance at The Desultory Theatre Club

Do you ever hear something that literally makes you cringe? I had that reaction recently to the discovery of a scheme to force the nickname TOHO on my hometown. TOHO is not an intuitive acronym by any means, standing for TO(rrington) H(ome) O(f the Arts). I bet you’re scratching your head now, too.

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My Hometown: Main Street Market Place, Torrington, CT

Torrington CT Area Fire Performers

One of the benefits of living in the same town where I grew up is seeing it evolve. Not everything attempted works, and there are certain areas of town where turnover is inevitable, but when something tried becomes a mainstay–a real success–it makes me happy to still be living here.

Main Street Market Place …

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