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Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie

Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie {sponsored post}

Disclosure: I received a High Performance Blender from Wolf Gourmet for review purposes. All opinions remain wholly my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that rock my world!

Is it possible for a kitchen appliance to be so beautiful that you can’t bear to hide it away in a cabinet after using it? I …

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Watermelon Salad and Blake’s All Natural Foods Beef & Turkey Pot Pies

What's the perfect companion for a Blake's All Natural Foods Beef or Turkey Pot Pie? Watermelon Salad, of course! They're a perfect pairing for bringing summer and winter together in an easy dinner tonight! {sponsored post}

Disclosure: This recipe and post were written in partnership with Blake’s All Natural Foods, who compensated me for this collaboration. All opinions, however, are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Poet in the Pantry.

I’ve been so tired lately. Way too tired. It’s probably been pretty obvious by the reduction …

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Revisiting 1800nycbagels.com

1800nycbagels.com delivers fresh NY bagels right to your door! {sponsored post}

Disclosure: 1800nycbagels.com sent me a dozen bagels for review purposes and is sponsoring the giveaway in this post. While this is a sponsored post, all opinions remain my own.

A few years ago, I shared the wonder that is known as 1800nycbagels.com with you all. They contacted me recently to write an updated review and …

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Wilted Spinach with Walnuts and Goat Cheese

Wilted Spinach with Walnuts and Goat Cheese is a quick and easy side dish that elevates the entire meal! {sponsored post} #wolfgourmet

Disclosure: I received a 10-piece cookware set from Wolf Gourmet for review purposes. All opinions remain wholly my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that rock my world!

Four years. We’ve been in this house nearly four years now and I still haven’t wrapped my mind around the fact that I control this …

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Review: Stonyfield’s Two New Yogurts: Whole Milk Greek and 100% Grassfed

Stonyfield has two new yogurts in town! Try their Whole Milk Organic Greek and 100% Grassfed varieties today! {sponsored post}

Thank you, Stonyfield, for giving me the chance to sample your new products! As a member of the Clean Plate Club, I received Stonyfield yogurt for review purposes. All opinions remain my own.

I am sooooo excited about the latest additions to the Stonyfield line of yogurts because, as far as I’m concerned, it was …

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Celebrating National Cereal Day with Nature Valley Cereal!

Celebrate National Cereal Day with Nature Valley's new cereals and save $1 off your purchase! {sponsored post}

Most days in our home commence with bowls of cereal.

For my son, who rises before the sun does, driven by some internal force that makes him eager to start the day, it’s an easy way for him fuel himself. For my husband, who grabs a quick bowl on his way out the door–no …

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Cool As A Cucumber Cocktail Recipe and Hartford Flavor Company

Cool As A Cucumber is a cocktail utilizing Wild Moon Cucumber liqueur. Wild Moon is a line of botanical liqueurs from the Hartford Flavor Company in Hartford, Connecticut. They are all natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free!

I’m proud to call Connecticut my home state–especially when it comes to innovative finds in the food and drink world. It’s true that we’re booming in the beer industry. Craft breweries are popping up everywhere, and growing rapidly in the process! And everyone knows about the Connecticut wine trail, with a passbook to chronicle your …

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Making Your Holidays Bright & Bubbly with Vintage Seltzer

Vintage Seltzer makes for a great swap-in for other sugary drinks. With only carbonated water and natural flavors, it's satisfying without the guilt! #DrinkVintage #seltzer #sponsored

It’s easy to overindulge at this time of year. So much good food, so many delectable drinks, so many opportunities to party on.

That’s exactly why I’m proposing a switch-out this season. A simple, small change that will help mitigate some of the holiday damage, while still allowing you to have a …

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Connecticut: Deadly Grounds Coffee

Deadly Grounds Coffee of Norwalk, Connecticut, offers coffee that's to die for!

To some, coffee is a ritual: that steaming cup they grab each morning to greet the day. To others, it’s serious business: they’re beasts before consuming that magical brew that transforms them into humans again. All will find something to love about Deadly Grounds Coffee.

Deadly Grounds Coffee has a lot to howl about at …

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Organizing My Kitchen with OXO

A kitchen sink is a great place to start with re-organizing your kitchen--and OXO has just what you need to get it done! #OXOSpringCleaning

I received free products from OXO to write about in this post. All opinions remain my own.

Full disclosure here: I hate cleaning.

Like super duper, absoposotively-lutely, without a doubt, hate cleaning. I didn’t used to mind it so much, back in the days when what I tidied would remain that way for some time. …

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