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A Garden Grows in Torrington!

a little water for thirsty tomato plants, utilizing OXO's outdoor pour and store watering can

Plants cry their gratitude for the sun in green joy. ~Terri Guillemets

Nearly every year for the past 4 years, I’ve operated under the delusion that I am capable of growing a garden. In a near-manic state, I raid the local greenhouse of anything I think may be tasty (sometimes encouraged to buy more than …

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Let It Grow, Let It Grow, Let It Grow


I’m a little late this year in getting to my garden. Blame it on a colder spring (though really, the last few years were warmer than usual). Blame it on the rain, which has been over-abundant and wreaking havoc on outdoor activities. Or even my sinus infection, which is only just now winding down, nearly …

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A Garden We Will Grow!

pea plant

Gardens, as a rule, tend to stay where you put them. Better behaved than my children, they put down roots and get to business doing what they do, whether that be making flowers or fruit, foliage or fern, they’re fairly obedient. Give them some water, sun, food, and love, and you’ll be well-rewarded.

My …

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Green Thumb…Again?

blossoming sage

Last year I dabbled in container gardening, an activity that helped me get through a lot of the helplessness I suffered post-discectomy and later, after I broke my foot. We didn’t have a bumper crop of produce, but the kids enjoyed the activity and the abundance of cherry tomatoes made up for the lack of …

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A Very Belated Garden Update

ripening tomatoes

I haven’t kept you well informed about the garden this summer, have I? After the early summer rains challenged my seedlings–and sanity–by inviting a hoard of fungus gnats to feast on my poor plants’ roots, I have been pretty quiet.

No, gardening did not drive me insane.

I did learn a lot, though. Like if …

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Fresh Garden Salsa

garden fresh salsa

The garden this year has been an interesting experiment. What started as a few potted herbs quickly expanded into over forty plants. What caused this expansion? Cilantro.

As my daughter and I walked past the cilantro plants in the greenhouse, we were stopped in our tracks by the delicious aroma. We had to have it. …

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In The Garden…

pickling cucumbers

I haven’t updated you on the garden in a while, so I figured I’d give you a look at what’s been growing. It was a tough start with all that rain–I thought for sure the fungus gnats would get everything–but I decided to step back and stop worrying so much, and nature is taking its …

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Container Garden Update

row of herbs

Those of you who are regular visitors know about my summer family project: the container garden. This collection morphed from a respectable few pots of herbs to about forty pots of herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Yeah, I went a little overboard. Still, we’ve been going with the flow and seeing what summer will bring us.

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rain drops on a pepper plant

If you’ve ever lived in New England, you know that there is one topic anyone is willing (and likely) to discuss: the weather. It could be because it is always changing (the only aspect of it that is dependable). One thing is certain: it seems to be a bonding subject, bringing complete strangers together in …

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Can’t Cook, Must Grow

planting cucumbers

While The Big Guy and I work on a kitchen project (that sadly did not come together as planned, otherwise, I would be posting about that right now), I thought maybe you’d like to see more of our garden for this year. Once we’re able to harvest, there will be more recipes utilizing these ingredients …

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