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more blood work

Friday was my first full day on meds, thanks to winter finally arriving Thursday and trapping me at home. Remembering to take this drug twice a day, that drug once a day, plus an iron supplement at some point, and my Zyrtec somewhere in there, too, is a tad…much. So I am currently utilizing the …

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And Then, I Broke…

Does Olaf really give warm hugs?

I was well on my way to breaking for months now.

With the cocktail of medications I was prescribed for treating my chronic pain and muscle spasms in my lower back and left leg, my head had become quite…out of sorts. I’ve become less social, knowing I don’t always have the energy to fake the …

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When The Demons Appear, There Is No Hope

Struggling with Demons, aka Depression

The last few days are lost on me. They slipped by, unrecognizable in my hazy gaze, obscured by the fog in my head that would not let me see the world for what it is, but only as that dark, heavy presence pressing down on me. I was stuck in the demons’ grasp and the …

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Depression, Again

perfect river scene

I know there’s been a bit of an echo here during the last week and I apologize. It just happened to be one of those weeks when the joy in life was sucked right out of me and I was barely treading water to keep my head from submerging. I had no energy left for …

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