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Nov 10 2012

Slow Down Saturday: Last Week of Soccer

Last night, The Big Guy arrived home, safe and sound. I didn’ t really expect him to join us at soccer this morning–he had been 12 hours ahead of us for 2 weeks, after all–but he rose and was ready before the rest of us, eager to see the kids’ last games of the season.

On a balmy 45-degree Fall morning with mottled sunshine, we said goodbye to the Saturday routine of Fall. No more 4-hour stints in the cold, sitting around while little ones chase a ball back-and-forth. Soon, the Winter Saturday routine will begin–the one where The Big Guy works at one of the local ski hills for eleven or so weeks consecutively.

soccer sidelines photo booth - poet in the pantry

The kids played their hearts out. My daughter blocked 3 goals as effortlessly as can be, like she was swatting a fly from her freckled nose while she was taking part of higher pursuits… I don’t know, tea with royalty or something. Her team won for the first time this season, a strong way to end it. My son… was very focused on making sure I saw all he was doing. He’s cute, he’s friendly, he’s five, and it’s okay.

While they rake the leaves, I’m thinking already about decorating for Christmas. Even though I generally am a tad irritated at too-early displays, I can’t resist the urge this year–I want to make this space our own, tease out joy and laughter any way that I can. The walls are too white and they’re begging for adornment. For the time being, I will settle for obtaining the other 2 cake platters in the collection at Target, so I now can array a tower of treats.

colorful cake plate tower - poet in the pantry

Tonight will be family movie night–our first in several weeks with the entire family intact. Sleepy heads will nod off in the dark, fighting the inevitable in front of a flickering screen. No need to wake early tomorrow; bedtimes will be fluid. Time is fleeting, but we will enjoy the moments while we have them.

first meyer lemon bloom - poet in the pantry

first bloom on my meyer lemon mini tree

How did you slow down this Saturday?

Nov 03 2012

Slow Down Saturday

Weekends should provide an opportunity to recharge ourselves, run down from all the hustle and bustle of the work week. Relax, read a book, spend some time with family, and find peace within ourselves. Instead, it has become just as busy as weekdays, if not worse. Yard work. House work. Running errands. Grocery shopping. In my case, I do most of my baking for the blog on Saturdays and Sundays when I have access to natural light for the photography… We need to slow down, stop and smell the bread baking, and just be in the moment for once. It shouldn’t be this difficult!

soccer girl - poet in the pantry

This morning, I attended my kids’ youth soccer games. It was freezing cold, made worse by gusting winds on a barren soccer pitch, but I did it for them, and I know they appreciated it. I didn’t grow up playing team sports. I was a fairly independent, solitary child, but I thought it would be important for my children to participate in something, anything. So we signed them up for soccer when each was 3 years old (the minimum age for micro soccer here). We believed this would be a great way for them to make some new friends and learn about working together as a team in the process. The first couple of years were quite difficult–my daughter was not on board with this plan initially. Now, however, they’re starting to really get the hang of it, and while they’ll likely never be star players, at least they’re out there having fun. That’s what counts.

sidelines - poet in the pantry

Tonight, we’ll have a simple family meal (minus my husband, who is traveling for work). Probably spend a little time snuggling on the couch while watching a movie, and be a little silly. I know they won’t be 5 and 7 for long. I want to squeeze all the enjoyment out of it that I can, while I can.

me and my sillies - poet in the pantry

How did you slow down this Saturday and let yourself absorb the moment, freeing your mind from the regrets of yesterday and the worries about tomorrow?