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Eating Connecticut: Rocket Fine Street Food

I’m not the first blogger to wax poetic about how fantastic Rocket Fine Street Food is (CT Scenic and 60b Photography, for example, have both beaten me to the punch), but it’s worth repeating. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should–you won’t regret it.

The idea is simple: homemade, fresh food …

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Quiet, please!

I realize libraries aren’t exactly trendy these days, but when did they become the water cooler instead of somewhere to ponder Medieval English Literature without losing your train of thought?

Thumbing their noses at the various and plentiful signs warning otherwise, common courtesy proves itself once again not-so-common as college chicks giggle and gossip in …

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Poetry: Appetite for Art?

They should serve food in art galleries. It would bring more bodies in so the masses can proclaim, with satisfied grins, that they are patrons of the arts while they gobble tasteless, cold, mushy, food-like substances, glancing in between bites at walls attempting to satiate a go-go-go society’s need for culture when there is no …

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Return to the blogging world

Blogging is not a new enterprise for me. Several years back when I was enduring miscarriage, then a new pregnancy, and eventually early mommy-hood, I shared the trials and tribulations with the blogging world. Then I traded my corner cubicle for an apron, kiddo number two made his grand entrance, and time just got away …

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