Poetry: My Fast Food

In 2010, when I was in the midst of my Renaissance–and a Creative Writing course at UCONN–it occurred to me that the intense craving I once had for a person in my life was akin to an addiction to fast food. Poetry is the ultimate playground for such inspirations, relying heavily on metaphors and abstractions in compact conversations:. it was a natural fit. I teased out that idea in this bit of poetry and I’m pretty happy with the results. It’s been tweaked a little bit since, but the sentiment remains the same. The ultimate glutton for punishment.


My Fast Food

Bloated, salty, and greasy,
My body does not like thee,
Yet I devour you
And inch along to heart attack.

I have to have you,
My certain death.
I must possess you:
Cheap fix; expensive consequences.

I would consume you every day,
Every meal,
And still not have my fill–
With disastrous results.

Packaged simply,
A benign answer
To my problems.
But you only create them.

You go down easy,
But upset my system soon after.
I can’t sleep, can’t think, can’t eat–
Can’t live.

Fast, fried, and flirty,
Desirable and disgusting,
Tasty and tasteless–
My oxymoron.

I must resist.
I must cease and desist.
But I don’t want to.
So I line up for you again,
And again.

And again.

Hoping to keep you–
And knowing I can’t.

(c) 2010 – Carrie A. Vibert – all rights reserved

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