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Just days away from my birthday–and with the celebration already in full swing–it doesn’t seem all that crazy to borrow a Long Duck Dong gem from Sixteen Candles for this post. Although there will be a lot more than 16 candles on my cake this year, and I am NOT sorry for that! I’ve moved on to finer wishes than a black Trans Ams and the heart of the high school senior class crush, Jake Ryan. (Truth be told, my brother was named after Jake Ryan, so that would be kinda gross…) But I’ll never be too old for a party!

What kind of girls' weekend doesn't include cocktails? This is the Hemingway from Shell & Bones Oyster Bar and Grill in New Haven, Connecticut.This year, with a girls’ weekend planned with a good friend from Florida, it became a bit of a tour of Connecticut’s finest. I’ll admit that I’ve been trying to convince her to buy the house next door, but it was also pretty fun being a tourist in my home state and spending some time seeing it through different eyes.

We started with waffles…

The waffles at The Sloppy Waffle in Newington, Connecticut are worth the trip! So many varieties and the prices are reasonable, too!Well, I did. She actually started with Bacon Cinnamon Buns warm from the oven, devoured in the car during the journey from the airport to The Sloppy Waffle in Newington. After rising in the middle of the night to make it to her flight, it only seemed fair to present her with a little something special that was homemade. But then it was waffles all the way. For me. The bacon waffle, to be exact, with chopped bacon cooked perfectly spread atop a waffle, drenched in syrup, with a side of home fries. With other waffles on the menu, such as the Apple Cobbler, Chocolate Lover, Cookies and Cream, and Chicken and Waffles, I will have plenty of excuses to return and feast again on another day.

Then, We Were Stabbed Repeatedly…

This actually began with a quest to obtain matching tattoos when we vacationed together on Nantucket early this summer. It turned out to be a fruitless search, as there are no tattoo studios on Nantucket. The dream didn’t die, however, and once we made plans for her visit, the very next step was securing the right artist to ink us up. We found that perfection in José Carrasquillo at Nautilus Tattoo in Newington, Connecticut. His bright, bold colors, prominent lines, and Goonies-themed tattoos drew us in; the galaxy girl with which he gifted my left arm will keep me going back for years to come. José was amazing. No lie. Nautilus Tattoo is a fully custom shop, and he worked with me on scheduling the appointment, knowing my friend would not have been available for a consultation ahead of time. Then, when she changed her mind about what she desired, he rolled with it and produced the spectacular panther that now graces her forearm. It may seem like a weird thing to say, but it was a really fun place to spend that afternoon. It also helped a lot that I was in far less pain than I was for my last tattoo. The artwork on José’s walls may have aided in distraction. I’m already working out what I want next on my arm…

José Carrasquillo at Nautilus Tattoo in Newington, Connecticut is an amazing tattoo artist!Gypsies Serenaded Us…

Caravan of Thieves made an appearance that evening at Bridge Street Live in Collinsville. I was first introduced to them during the summer of 2010 by Keith Paul of The Desultory Theatre Club and the kids and I loved them nearly instantly. Even now, when the music for Shim Sham comes on in the car, they recognize it immediately and start singing. It was therefore rather good fortune that they happened to be performing in state during my friend’s visit, and at Bridge Street Live, no less, a venue where I hadn’t managed to catch a show before, even though they’ve been open since October 2010. The make-up of the group has changed a bit–while Fuzz and Carrie still front the band, new players appear on upright bass and violin–but the music is that same gypsy swing they’re known for, and Fuzz is just overflowing with energy. The night ended with the audience called together to join them on the floor and help stomp and clap along to Raise The Dead from their album The Funhouse. So many smiles surrounded me–it was a lovely way to close out Friday night.

Sippin’ and Snackin’ on the Water in New Haven is Where It’s at…

Shell & Bones Oyster Bar and Grill is set right on the water in New Haven, Connecticut. Here, you can enjoy fine dining in beautiful setting with a great selection of drinks.Having missed out on the opportunity to join the anniversary party at Shell & Bones Oyster Bar and Grill earlier in the week, I made up for it with Saturday brunch. With the sun shining and the temps hovering around 69 degrees F, the dining area was thrown wide open to the fresh air for all to enjoy. We opted to eat “inside” on the cusp of where inside meets outside, where we were able to enjoy the scenery without sweltering in the sun. There, we proceeded to drink and eat the next two hours away. I took the “Shell” and “Bones” quite literally, feasting upon raw oysters and short rib nachos. They went quite nicely with the Coconut-Jalapeño Mojito, Hemingway, and Black Irish cocktails that I selected to accompany them. My favorite of the three was the mojito, but they were all quite enjoyable.

Shell & Bones Oyster Bar and Grill is set right on the water in New Haven, Connecticut. Here, you can enjoy fine dining in beautiful setting with a great selection of drinks.

the short rib nachos are fabulous!

Things Got A Little Bloody That Night…

EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL is worth catching at The Warner Theatre in Torrington, Connecticut. The expanded splatter zone makes things...interesting.EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL opened at The Warner Theatre‘s studio theatre in Torrington and we had to be there for this momentous event. It last ran here 3 years ago, and returns under the direction of The Desultory Theatre Club‘s own, Keith Paul, who has made it bigger and better than before. There’s more blood, too.

EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL is worth catching at The Warner Theatre in Torrington, Connecticut. The expanded splatter zone makes things...interesting.It’s not often that you have to sign a waiver before you can take your seat, but you will to see EVIL DEAD. They’re considerate enough to offer you a poncho if you’re in the splatter zone, but, after some deliberation, I opted to embrace the full experience. How much more perfect could that be in a white dress anyway? The laughs were plentiful, the puns a-plenty, and so much blood. So. Much. Blood. There remain 3 more performances before the show closes on my birthday on October 2nd. I’ll be returning to see it again!

There’s Only One Restaurant with 2 Skeletons and a Bathtub on The Roof…

Bohemian Pizza in Litchfield, Connecticut is a hidden gem! Great pizza, good beer, and a totally unique atmosphere!And I had to bring my friend there. The last full meal in Connecticut had to be somewhere memorable, and Bohemian Pizza is exactly that. It stands out like a sore thumb on Route 202 in Litchfield, Connecticut, but that’s just the way they like it. In the winter, I love sitting by the oversized stone fireplace, chowing down on pizza. On this day, I diverged from my usual and tried the pulled pork burrito. We sat surrounded by album covers from greats such as Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, and… Scott Baio? It’s all part of the kitsch. In the ladies’ room, graffiti offers nuggets of advice. On the ceiling hang a couple of canoes with crushed beer cans, for an added touch of authenticity. And they carry Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes for dessert. What more could you ask for?

Bohemian Pizza in Litchfield, Connecticut is a hidden gem! Great pizza, good beer, and a totally unique atmosphere!Eventually, I Had to Say Goodbye…

I doubt I convinced her to move to Connecticut, but I had a lot of fun showing her around. I discovered a couple new-to-me places to eat, drove around 300 miles, and was thoroughly entertained. I have some new art to wear on my sleeve with my heart, music in my soul, and laughs to spare. The next time we’ll get together will be in Florida. I really cannot wait!

A hot air balloon at South Farms in Morris was a pleasant surprise at the Morris Marketplace on Sunday!


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    • Christine on September 29, 2016 at 8:14 pm
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    Those waffles though…..

    1. I know! I could eat them all day long…

    • Anne M Ciccio on September 30, 2016 at 5:59 pm
    • Reply

    Looks like a lot of fun – I have yet to try Sloppy Waffle and it’s a shame since I live in Wethersfield.

    Will have to check it out!

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