1. dee

    This was an epic fail for me. I followed the recipe andt he dough inside never cooked! Looking at the picture shown, my bread looked the same but like i said… it never cooked through. Even after the hour, took it out of pan, flipped it over and placed it onto baking sheet for an additional 15 min. Still a raw doughy mess inside. Had to throw it away!
    What did i do wrong?? Maybe too much hummus? Like i said though, i followed the recipe.

    • Wow! I’m so sorry to hear it turned out horribly for you! I’m not sure why it would be completely raw inside after 1 hr 15 min total in the oven. Have you checked the temperature of your oven lately? The only thing I can think of is that the thermostat may be off (a common issue–my old oven was notorious for that). I usually keep a cheap oven thermometer in mine to double check that the temperature is correct, and then you can adjust accordingly, if necessary.

      Also, were you baking in glass? Dark metal? Light metal? Sometimes you have to adjust the temperature/time, depending on the vessel in which it’s baked. Dark metal will brown more/cook faster than others. Lighter colored metal pans may require a higher temperature/longer time, for example.

      Again, I’m so sorry it was a fail for you!

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