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To some, coffee is a ritual: that steaming cup they grab each morning to greet the day. To others, it’s serious business: they’re beasts before consuming that magical brew that transforms them into humans again. All will find something to love about Deadly Grounds Coffee.

Deadly Grounds Coffee has a lot to howl about at this time of year: on Halloween, they’ll celebrate their 5th anniversary.

That’s an impressive feat considering their marketing includes a toe-tagged cadaver and a hearse as their base of operations. Initially envisioned as exclusively a mail-order company, they’ve expanded their influence, now being offered in select locations throughout the Northeast–thanks to shop keepers that have enough of a sense of humor to get their certain brand of marketing and an appreciation for their coffee that is “to die for.”

Deadly Grounds Coffee of Norwalk, Connecticut, offers coffee that's to die for!“Although we have fun with the dark imagery we take the coffee part of things very seriously,” says Tom Lialios, Chief Coffee Addict and President of Deadly Grounds Coffee. “Our coffee is hands down the best out there in the most unlikely packaging. It’s popular mostly for what you won’t find in any of our roasts – no bitterness, no burnt over roasted taste – just the robust taste of delicious aromatic coffee as it should be.” With over a dozen different roasts and flavors, there’s something for everyone at Deadly Grounds Coffee.

Deadly Grounds Coffee of Norwalk, Connecticut, offers coffee that's to die for!When I learned about Deadly Grounds Coffee, there was just one burning question I had: what’s the deal with the hearse? Tom gave me the details:

The hearse is actually our third one. It’s a 1995 Cadillac S&S Masterpiece. It’s amazing the things you can find on eBay & Craigslist…. including the full size casket we use for coffee displays. We’re not a mini-van kind of company, so the hearse made sense. It fits the dark side of our sense of humor and traffic seems to get out of our way. It’s fun to bring grocery shopping and the best vehicle to use to get your Christmas tree.

I can just imagine the looks that they get on those grocery getting trips!

We’ve taken it out to all of the Haunt and Horror shows and conventions this year, including a couple of trips into Canada, around the northeast, midwest and our favorite yearly stop – Hell. As we are the Official Coffee of Hell it’s an honor to join our friends in Hell, Michigan for their annual hearsefest. Just because it’s Hell doesn’t mean it has to be bad coffee. We’re also [the official coffee of] Fangoria – the horror magazine … and available on their website.

Deadly Grounds Coffee of Norwalk, Connecticut, offers coffee that's to die for!Intrigued? Deadly Grounds Coffee will be pouring samples at The Desultory Theatre Club‘s Hardcore Halloweenie Burlesque & Variety Show at Hardcore Sweet on October 24th. Stop by to check them out; stick around for the excellent entertainment.

Deadly Grounds Coffee
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