Poetry: Inevitable

Why do you always feel so inevitable?*

The step that must be taken,
mind willing or not.
Entwined with my soul,
you cannot be extricated
…and I don’t want you to be.

I want to plunge into that abyss
and swallow you whole.
I want to wrap my arms around you
and explore where you take me.
Wherever we go. Whenever that is.

Who am I?

She who cannot fathom such a feat,
nor can she retreat.
The girl who thinks she’s a woman
–anything but–

Decades disappear; this remains:
Will happen, one way or another,
over and over again.

Souls working through their karma,
given an opportunity,
and another,
to sort it out.

Ten years more
and a fourteenth chance given.

It will be.

(c) 2015 Carrie A. Vibert – all rights reserved


*I was up late one night last summer, continuing my binge rewatching of Orange Is The New Black, when this line jumped out at me, demanding attention. The poem started forming immediately, turning over and over in my mind until I could ignore it no longer and finally put it to (digital) paper. I’ve tweaked it little by little in the many months since I started it, whittling it down to its essence.


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