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You know how everyone is always complaining that there’s nothing to do? They want to get together but, after racking their brains, they come up empty? Saturday night will not be one of those nights!

The Desultory Theatre Club Presents…

Robot Dance Off 2015

The Desultory Theatre Club presents Robot Dance Off 2015In their words, a night so nice, we’re doing it thrice! I missed the first two–life gets in the way far more often than I’d like–but you can be guaranteed that I will don my best bot creation and boogey away on the dance floor with the rest of the metal mob. It’s just what I need after a stressful last few weeks!

What is a Robot Dance Off anyway?

Paying homage to the AI influences throughout our lives, Robot Dance Off is a chance to emulate your favorite automaton while enjoying the musical stylings of 3 fabulous bands. Don’t worry: HAL 9000 isn’t invited.

Music for the evening includes:

  • The Fantastic PlasticsSimply described as “Candy Coated Cyanide”, the self-dubbed “The future of the Future”, The Fantastic Plastics, craft infectious pop hooks sprinkled with thick analog synths and a dose whip smart lyrics. Their live shows are enhanced with vintage TVs, Atari video graphics and video installations, along with costumes, dance moves, and a huge sound.
  • CHICA NON GRATABrian Slattery of the New Haven Independent defined this duo as …a sort of Nico-meets-dark-‘80s pop, with strains of industrial noise in it, especially when Bloomquist hits a series of pedals in front of him, distorts his bass, and climbs the neck to play high.”  Julie Beman (singer/songwriter) and Eric Bloomquist (multi-instrumentalist) bring their talents together in CHICA NON GRATA for heavier sounds and themes than their other endeavor, The Dress-Ups (which I heard perform at another The Desultory Theatre Club production last summer).
  • Jennifer Hill and Co. – Jennifer Hill, a New Englander by birth, is starting a small fire…a fire that she hopes will ignite your soul and burst it into a pile of flames on the ground. She is feisty, heartwarming, and armed with a big voice inside a small frame. Her sound is a mix of Indie Piano Rock with a definite Blues and Cabaret influence. It gets as bawdy as a piano speak easy and as beautiful as a Tori Amos descant.

These Aren’t The Droids You’re Looking For…

Costumes are not required, but why not go all out for the full effect? It’s not that often we put on our thinking caps and get the gears running like this! I have 3 in the works… I couldn’t help myself–the ideas kept coming and I went with them. I’m still trying to figure out which will be THE one; guess you’ll have to attend to find out! Further incentive: there will be prizes for Best Robot Costume, Sexiest Robot Costume, Cleverest Robot SFX, and Robot with The Best Dance Moves.

Stumped for ideas? I put together a Pinterest board to help!


When: Saturday, May 30, 2015. Doors open at 9PM; show starts at 10PM.

Where: Snapper Magee’s ~ 178 Water Street ~ Torrington, CT 06790

Drinks are a must, and will be poured by the fantabulous staff at Snapper Magee’s–21 and over, as a result. (Cash only, too, so plan accordingly. There are ATMs in the nearby Stop & Shop and TD Bank.)

It’ll only cost you $5 to get in the door–a pittance considering all the entertainment included!

See you Saturday night!

The Fantastic Plastics wowed crowds at The Desultory Theatre Club's Robot Dance Off 2015


To see the photos from this event, check them out here:




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