1. haha… I don’t know why I can’t think of the worst gift. I think the people in my life are pretty good gift givers actually. My mom buys me underwear a lot, which I think a lot of people would consider not an awesome gift to get from their mom, but I love it because then I don’t have to spend my money on it πŸ˜‰

  2. David

    The worst valentine’s day gift? that would be this year, when I received notification that my wife has filed for divorce.

    does that mean I win the ice cream?

  3. Sarah

    It’s hard to think of something as really really bad, but I don’t like getting scented lotions or body washes. If I want a scent, let me choose it!

  4. Dan’s a pretty good gifter, so I can’t think of anything terrible. Though everyone used to give scented lotions/etc in middle school as birthday gifts and I was allergic to ingredients in something like 90% of them. Definitely had to do some regifting!

  5. A teddy bear wearing a diaper. One of my least suitable high school boyfriends gave it to me for Valentine’s Day and it immediately brought to mind the idea of reproducing with him. I broke up with him soon afterwards….

  6. I can’t think of a super horrible gift but I remember that the first year Jeff and I were dating he bought me a saucepan for my birthday. I appreciated that he’d looked at my Amazon wish list and was trying to be thoughtful but it felt kind of like a “get in the kitchen” gift (even though I know he didn’t mean it that way). He’s not the most romantic gift giver. I’d rather have a small bouquet of flowers or a delicate bracelet or something. It was like HERE’S A SAUCEPAN, MAKE ME SAUCE.

  7. Wrost gift … well, let’s just say I have implemented a new rule with a few relatives that instead of a giving me a gift they donate to a charity I’m passionate about. It’s worked out SO much better. πŸ™‚

  8. A knock-off Barbie doll when I had reached an age when I had stopped playing with dolls. When I asked my mom why she bought it for me, she said, “It was cheap.” And yes, this is completely true.

  9. Peggi

    “What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?”
    Hmmm, I know there must be one but it had to be a long time ago because I don’t remember.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win ice cream!

  10. Lisa

    The worst gift was actually a lead in to a better gift but what happened was the best. My husband at the time bought me laundry detergent and proceeded to give it to me on Valentine’s day. I was crushed. What i didn’t know was that there was a washing machine and dryer combo coming later that day. The funny part was that they rescheduled the delivery unbeknownst to my husband and they didn’t show up until almost a week later. So now I laugh about the laundry detergent being my Valentine’s present.

  11. Hmm … the worst gift? Well, I hated the red ski socks I received one Christmas as a child — because I strongly disliked the color red. But the most obscure was what one college friend gave me as a wedding gift: odds and ends that she’d received on international flights including two airline branded travel makeup bags.

  12. Caroline Hurley

    Worst gift? SO many! Hahahaha…but, I’d have to say these huge gold hoop earrings….I mean, HUGE! They were returned immediately.

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