1. Carrie, love these pecan shortbread cookies. . and so glad you are feeling better!! You are, right?! Oh and I just fell down some stairs yesterday. . rushing to take Madeline to ballet. . and I was holding her too. . thank God I was wearing my thick winter coat, which I think padded my fall. . and I fell on my side because I didn’t want to fall on Madeline. . crazy, yo. Lesson: no more rushing down stairs while holding my kid! and don’t worry. . you’ll be ok with stairs in no time!

    • I am better, thank you! It’s a little scary how quickly the bruising went away and it seems like there are no permanent after-effects. I’ve also fallen down the stairs while holding one of my kids and that truly is frightening. I also twisted to the side so I wouldn’t land on my son and that time, I broke my foot. Glad to hear you and Madeline are okay! Maybe we need a break from the stairs for a while? 😉

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