1. YAY for success with this intense challenge! I love that you had Gordon Ramsay at your side…I’m such a sucker for his shows too 🙂 And glad I’m not the only one who made it for a family meal! Great challenge, I’m so happy we conquered this.

  2. Sounds amazing! And I think I’d have the same high anxiety level preparing it. However, it does sound like it would make for an impressive dish for a special occasion or when entertaining. I love that you made it for a family dinner! And I love even more that your children wanted more!!!

  3. You NAILED it, Carrie! I’m so happy for you, and envious, and proud, and did I mention, envious? I’ve had this on my culinary bucket list for 5 years, and I keep chickening out for the same reasons you did. ANXIETY!

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