#coffeequest, Day 4: Primula Products Infusion Pitcher

Disclosure: Primula Products provided me with an Infusion Pitcher for review. All opinions and photos remain my own.

Primula Products Infusion Pitcher

Brewing hot coffee is fine and well, but what do you do in the summer? Once the temperature gets above 65 degrees Fahrenheit, I rarely drink hot coffee. My one-cup maker gave me the option to brew iced coffee, spouting out a double-strength brew that all you needed to do was add ice to it. Is it possible that I can get better results? Will I be able to give up the convenience of brewing over ice?

Primula Products has an answer to this: the Flavor-It Pitcher 3-in-1 Beverage System. The contents of the box include: a plastic pitcher, a tea/coffee infuser, a fruit infuser, and a chill core. With this, you can make cold-brewed coffee for iced coffee, iced tea, water infusions, even sangria. It truly is a “beverage system.”

Primula Products Infusion Pitcher, attempt #1

Once again, instructions have been included with the product, explaining how to prepare the various beverages options. I found myself a tad confused by the instructions for cold brewing iced coffee, which stated to fill the infuser halfway with ground coffee and then fill the pitcher with water to the fill line, but then included a side note that if you’re filling the pitcher completely, you should fill the infuser 3/4 of the way with ground coffee. How far is considered completely? Why have the fill line at all if you can fill it completely? Why not just give one set of instructions?

Regardless, my first attempt was disappointing. A good portion of the coffee grounds floated to the top of the infuser basket into the cap and stayed there, remaining dry the entire time. Even after letting it brew for 2 days, the end result was weak and boring. It was more like flavored water than iced coffee, and there certainly was no chance I would add ice to it to water it down more.

Flavor-It brewed "iced" coffee on the left, traditionally brewed and refrigerated "iced" coffee on the right
Flavor-It brewed “iced” coffee on the left, traditionally brewed and refrigerated “iced” coffee on the right

For my next attempt, I wet the grounds slightly before inserting the infuser basket in the pitcher. There was an immediate difference in the color of the water between the two attempts, and this small touch ultimately resulted in a better tasting iced coffee. Better, but not great. Once again, even after leaving the coffee sitting in the fridge for 2 days, it was a watered down version of the iced coffee I love. Not unpalatable; just not very deep or rich.

I’m not entirely sure what the advantage is here. I could definitely see using the infusion pitcher for making infused waters (I have pineapple and mint going right now!), and I’m intrigued by the sangria idea–especially if it means no more getting bopped on the nose by fruit floating in the wine–but it does not seem like the best way to obtain a refreshing cup of iced coffee. It’s a lengthy process that requires premeditation and preparation, and ultimately it just isn’t as good as traditionally brewed coffee.

Primula Products Flavor-It 3-in-1 beverage system pitcher

Verdict: Use the Flavor-It 3-in-1 Beverage System for flavored water infusions and sangria and brew your coffee the traditional way, either as a double-strength brew poured over ice, or as a regular strength brew stashed in the fridge in a resealable container.

How do you make iced coffee? What are your suggestions?

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