Coffee Quest, Day 1: The Unusual Suspects #coffeequest

I grew up in a “drip coffee” house. Mom and Dad always drank it–heck, I even prepared it for them, from time to time–but they were no fuss, no muss kind of people. Whatever came in the blue or red or yellow can was fine with them: the larger the container, the better. Their drip coffee maker was the basic model you’d find in any department store. No need to get fancy here.

I never really acquired the taste for coffee; at least, not when most people do, following their peers in high school or staying up late cramming in college. I may have had the occasional cup, but it didn’t make a difference to me one way or the other whether I had it or not. There was always an ample supply, but I had no real desire to drink it. I would get through the day regardless.

Keurig coffee brewer

It wasn’t until the last few years that my views on coffee started to shift. I hadn’t slept fully through the night in years. I had returned to college and was often up late studying and writing papers. I found myself surrounded by coffee drinkers. But being the only coffee drinker in my house meant that a drip coffee maker would be a tad wasteful; no need for the minimum 4 cups when I only required 1 or 2 cups sporadically. It seemed only natural, under the circumstances, to purchase a one-cup coffee maker. In fact, I tried 2 of them: first, a Tassimo; later, when I grew bored with the coffee selection, a Keurig.

I liked the convenience of just having to pop a pod into the maker and–voila!–there was coffee in under 2 minutes. I liked the variety without having to worry about large quantities of coffee going bad because, after all, variety is the spice of life. It was less money than stopping at a trendy coffee shop, and less wasteful in that I wasn’t throwing away 2-3 cups of coffee every time I made it.

But it was wasteful.

Primula Products coffee makers

All those little plastic pods add up. There is a hefty price to pay for convenience, and this began to weigh heavily on my mind. I eventually picked up a refillable filter cup for my Keurig, but it gave me mixed results–and eliminated one of the reasons why I had a Keurig in the first place–open bags of coffee were back in the house, and I was wasting them on a coffee maker that no longer satisfied me. There had to be another way.

I put out my call for help on the internet and it was answered almost instantly: time to think outside the box. Or, at least outside the electrical box, because you can make some pretty fantastic coffee and you don’t even need an electric current to do it!

Marnely of Cooking With Books graciously connected me with Primula Products–a company well known for their tea and coffee brewing products–and MistoBox–offering monthly shipments of coffee samples for your tasting pleasure–and I was well on my way on an eye-opening journey: the Coffee Quest.

Primula Products Infusion Pitcher, attempt #1

This week I’ll be taking a look at Primula Products’ 3-cup stovetop espresso coffee maker, 8-cup coffee press, and an infusion pitcher that allows you to cold brew for iced coffee, as well as trying out the monthly subscription service that MistoBox offers. I’ll share my insights, tell you what worked for me and what was a challenge, and hopefully help you move on to the next level, as well. There’s no reason to settle for less-than-stellar coffee when there’s so much better out there just waiting for you to discover it and try it for yourself! Join me! The Quest has only just begun…

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