Dec 18 2012

P&G eStore: Making Christmas Easier

Christmas is coming–only one week away–and I’m sure you’re still scrambling for that last minute stuff. I know that I am! Proctor & Gamble is here to help with their P&G eStore, allowing you to get it done without having to leave the house–or get dressed!

Right now, if you shop their online retail store, you can score the following deals:
P&G eStore promotions


  • Free Shipping on orders over $25
  • Free Samples with every order

AND you don’t have to fight the crowds of other last minute shoppers–a huge bonus in my book!

I browsed the P&G eStore looking for what I could really use this season. They have electric toothbrushes (great for kids who aren’t so great at brushing their teeth yet), shavers and beard trimmers (for the man in your life), Pampers (for your little ones’ bottoms), laundry soap (for the messes in your life!), and even mascara (so you can feel even more bee-you-tiful, despite being up to your elbows in mess!). But what caught my eye is something every parent needs to stock up on before Santa’s sleigh makes its annual delivery–batteries. Duracell batteries, to be exact. Batteries are rarely included in gifts, yet all the cool gadgets kids want require them. Better to be prepared!

Duracell batteries

You can get a 28-count pack of Duracell AA batteries for only $17.99, or a 28-count pack of Duracell AAA batteries for only $17.99, as well. This should keep you well supplied for quite some time!

P&G Bundle of Batteries Sweepstakes

In addition, the P&G eStore is running a fantastic sweepstakes right now, too! The winner of the Bundle for Batteries Sweepstakes will get $100 worth of batteries, including two 28-count AAA batteries, two 28-count AA batteries, one 8-count C batteries, and one 8-count D batteries, which should get them through a good portion of the year–and save a lot of frustration when Wii remotes and Furbies lose their juice. No more crying kids! No more dragging yourself to the store in a bathrobe in a desperate attempt to stifle the tears! Win-win!

P&G eStore–helping you deliver Christmas without all the stress!

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