Life Well Lived: New Experiences

It’s time again for a Life Well Lived question. This one comes from the Getting Happy section, where they asked:

How do you overcome your fears the first time you do something or on the first day of a new experience?

I have a lot of anxieties. Social, in particular. The first time I do anything can seem monumental–a giant obstacle I’m not sure I can overcome. I have to take some time to psyche myself up. Take some deep breaths, approach the situation calmly, and repeat to myself that the benefits outweigh the risks. I wouldn’t be doing this otherwise. It will be just fine.

It’s not always easy in practice–the first day of my first “real” job, mere days after turning 21, required some additional coaching from my then-boyfriend, now-husband, to convince me to leave the house and actually show up. But I can’t recall ever regretting taking on a new task either. Each little test has helped me grow, and each time I’ve had to face that new experience fear, it’s been easier to overcome it.

How do you overcome your fears? What advice do you have to offer? Join in the conversation at BlogHer Life Well Lived. And don’t forget to enter yourself in their latest sweepstakes while you’re there! By sharing your Life Well Lived Moment, you could win an iPod Touch!

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