A Garden We Will Grow!

Gardens, as a rule, tend to stay where you put them. Better behaved than my children, they put down roots and get to business doing what they do, whether that be making flowers or fruit, foliage or fern, they’re fairly obedient. Give them some water, sun, food, and love, and you’ll be well-rewarded.

pea plant

My garden, fortunately, is a little more portable, so I was able to take it with me to the new house. Where it is thriving because there is a ton more sunshine. I kid you not–it is literally a ton. Okay, maybe not literally a ton, but it’s a lot more. Like pretty much the entire day of full-on sun, versus a few hours of dappled sunshine. It is a plant’s ideal home.

blueberry bush

The blueberry bush my husband accidentally singed with the gas grill is throwing out new shoots. We’ve had a few tomatoes, though not much yet. My first pea plant started making some bean pods in the last week. And the strawberries, now well-situated, have started to bloom.

strawberry plant

The only problem is the broccoli.


Four pots of them to be exact. There were six, but something dug up one at the apartment (skunk? woodchuck? chipmunk?), and another one decided it didn’t like being disturbed; it withered and died not long after the move. The rest? They got bent. And that is literally. Looking a bit like they’re trying to pull up their roots and run, they’re not quite like the broccoli you’d normally see. In fact, there is no broccoli, just leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. Well, one got a haircut by accident from my over-zealous husband while he was weed-whacking (the plants must be terrified of him–he’s just awful around them!), but it’s put out more leaves, so it can’t have been permanently disfigured by the incident. C’est la vie. Maybe we’ll have better luck next year.


My herbs are growing like weeds. I can’t keep up with the basil and have had to compost some of it. The cilantro, like last year, flowered and went to seed, despite my best efforts to keep dead-heading it. It was persistent! And therefore, no longer part of the garden.


The biggest deal? I have flowers. Real flowers! Planted in the ground and everything! I haven’t had a flower garden in 8 1/2 years!! There’s a butterfly garden right next to our steps and mudroom, with buddleia (butterfly bush), two different kinds of echinacea (coneflowers), a clematis, and some trailing sedum to drape its tresses down the walls. Because we have lots of retaining walls. In the other garden area near the driveway, there already were yellow black-eyed susans. I added some reddish-hued black-eyed susans, another buddleia, and more trailing sedum. I can’t wait til it’s established and thriving!

double coneflower


So tell me… how does your garden grow? Do you have a patio filled with pots or an acre plot? A brown thumb or a green man watching over you? I’d love to hear about your 2012 gardening endeavors!

bird house

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