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For the past 9 months or so, I’ve been on the BlogHer Life Well Lived Panel. Periodically, bloggers are asked to give their answer to that week’s topic question. The question this week:

  • What are your favorite resources (Products, Apps, Books, Websites, etc.) to help you get organized?

Friends and fellow bloggers will not be surprised when I say that Pinterest is my number one source for ideas on the internet, including organization inspiration. Whether it’s a gorgeous kitchen full of nooks and crannies for everything imaginable, saved in my House Beautiful folder, or a neat idea to build a bookcase out of pallets in Crafty Ideas, not only do I come across the greatest information from what fellow Pinners are saving, but I’m able to organize those thoughts into folders I can easily find later, without having to remember which drawer or shelf I stashed it on in my less-than-beautiful apartment. It is the ultimate organizational tool!

Sure, there are lists (did I tell you about my spreadsheet triaging our belongings for our upcoming move?). I am a sucker for Excel spreadsheets and have gained quite the reputation for them, even at work. I also love my calendar on my iPhone, which syncs with my husband’s so I can tell at a quick glance when we’re busy and when we’re free. But other than that, it’s a lot of just trying to find the time to keep on top of the piles. Once inspiration takes hold, I can’t be stopped!

Join in the conversation and tell us where you find organizational inspiration!

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