BlogHer Book Club: Why Women Need Fat

I typically do not read self-help or dieting books. But when BlogHer Book Club put the call out for volunteers for Why Women Need Fat: How “Healthy” Food Makes Us Gain Excess Weight and the Surprising Solution to Losing It Forever, I wanted in. This is a blog that focuses on tasty treats, after all. Could there be a reason for craving fat?

The short answer is that we, as women, are genetically predisposed to not only seeking fatty foods, but retaining fat around our hips and thighs, as well, for the sake of future generations. The problem is that we’re eating the wrong kinds of fats. In the quest for a healthy way of life, we’ve mistakenly replaced what worked for our ancestors with an overabundance of omega-6-laden foods that are having the opposite effect. Our bodies have set our natural weights higher to compensate for the imbalance, and we must eat more to get the same amounts of omega-3 (and DHA and EPA) that our bodies need. Oops.

When my eldest was a baby, I read a lot about traditional diets (think Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions and The Weston A. Price Foundation), so this isn’t exactly news to me. But it’s a good reminder. The further we stray from what we were designed to eat, the more problems we will have. (Though I could be saying this because the book endorses the use of butter over vegetable oils, of which I am a huge fan!)

To take part in the discussion, visit The BlogHer Book Club. This one will be a good one!

Disclosure: The views and opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone, based upon my personal experience. While I received a complimentary copy of Why Women Need Fat from the BlogHer Book Club, which was used to write this review, as well as monetary compensation, there was no requirement for a positive review.

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