BlogHer Book Club Review: Love at First Bark

In Love at First Bark: How Saving A Dog Can Sometimes Help You Save Yourself, Julie Klam provides snippets of her life as a dog rescuer as a means to show how rewarding the experience can be. This quick read is proof that there are still decent, good people in the world–which you would have to be if you’re running around the swamp in St. John’s Parish, NOLA, chasing a dog with a pickle jar on its head, or fostering a dog with a fecal incontinence issue.

Klam’s life is full of dogs who find her just when they need help the most–and she is unable to refuse their call, even when she already has a full house of dogs. She keeps her sense of humor throughout it all, which is a feat in itself. Whether Clementine is crapping hearts on her rug, or she is sharing a makeshift Mexican meal with Morris in the car before driving him to Connecticut to be saved, Klam always finds a silver lining.

Unfortunately, Klam never delves deeper than the surface. She has the material to show that rescuing dogs is much more than just adopting one at the shelter, but she doesn’t go in depth enough to make one care. It’s all anecdotal, like a collection of band camp stories. I understand, as a human being, how saving these dogs could save yourself, too, but I don’t get that feel from what Klam shares. And I really wanted to!

Even so, Klam makes a case for humanity–not everyone is so self-absorbed that they’ll turn their backs on creatures in need. This is to be commended.

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Disclosure: The views and opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone, based upon my personal experience. While I received a complimentary copy of Love at First Bark from the BlogHer Book Club, which was used to write this review, as well as monetary compensation, there was no requirement for a positive review.

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