Eating Connecticut: Boho in Litchfield Co: Bohemian Pizza

Bohemian Pizza is a fixture in Litchfield, Connecticut. Which is quite an oddity since it’s pretty much the opposite of what Litchfield stands for. In a community full of the well-to-do, with a high concentration of stately, historic homes and a ban on fast food restaurants, Bohemian Pizza sticks out like a sore thumb–and that’s just fine with them.

Bohemian Pizza exterior

Driving up, you’re not sure if you’re happening upon a neglected, abandoned building or what is truly the restaurant and bar you are seeking. A beat-up clawfoot tub sits on the roof and a disco ball hangs from the arbor over the walkway to Ditto, their sorta-separate, sorta-same, bar. Inside, the walls and ceiling are plastered with posters and album covers from decades gone by. The booths feature faux animal hide-covered seats paired with rustic tables, each with some sort of game awaiting future patrons’ pleasure. Tables are arranged around a massive stone fireplace that cannot be missed. Between the eating area and the bar sits an impressive aquarium filled with freshwater fish. The kids hoped I could name each of them but alas, I am no fisherwoman. Step into the bathroom and there’s more fun. The women’s room sports a pink and brown polka-dot motif with more posters and album covers. It is a combination you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in white collar Litchfield.

Bohemian Pizza interiorBohemian Pizza ladies' roomThe food, however, is amazing. They take your typical bar fare appetizers, pizza, and sandwiches and turn them into something special. There is not an overly-ambitious collection of choices, and that’s just fine! With your food, you can choose from a decent selection of beer, sodas (including Freaky Dog Sodas, which are caffeine-free and contain no high fructose corn syrup), and cocktails (however, don’t EVER eat the pineapple in the pineapple martini–trust me, this comes from experience).

purple hazeToday was a family outing, so we kept the drinks light and focused on the food instead. After oohing and aahing for ample time over our choices, we decided upon the BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos and Italian Stallion Pizza. The Nachos, at $10, seemed a bit steep in price–until they were served. My daughter dubbed them “Mound of Glory.” They are indeed a Mound of Glory–and pretty much a full meal, even for four people. $10 is a steal for how much you get!BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos

The Mound of Glory

By the time the pizza came out, we were already pretty much stuffed. But how could we say no to this?

Italian Stallion pizzaThin crust pizza covered with mozzarella cheese, spicy sausage, pepperoni, thin slices of garlic, and fresh basil–YUM. The crust was a little overdone on the edges, but none of us minded one bit. This is the stuff pizza dreams are made of!

slice of pizza

With half a pizza left to take home–and looking forward to having enough room in our bellies to eat the leftovers!–we bid adieu to Bohemian Pizza, smiling and satisfied. We will be back soon!

Bohemian Pizza is located at 342 Bantam Road (Route 202) in Litchfield, Connecticut, not far West from The Green. The restaurant is open Monday through Thursday, 11:30AM to 8:30PM, Friday and Saturday, 11:30AM to 9:30PM, and Sunday, 11:30AM to 7:30PM.

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  1. Definitely looks like my kind of place! happy Eating!

  2. Everything looks wonderful. I love Abita’s Purple Haze. Great brew!

    1. That was my first Purple Haze ever. I got a little nervous when the waitress brought it out and it said it’s a malt beverage on the bottle–like it’d be a wine cooler or something–but it was pretty good. Very drinkable. I need to get back to Bohemian to try more of their pizza combos…

    • Sugartoast on December 8, 2011 at 8:25 pm
    • Reply

    Just left there…love that place :o)

    1. I am overdue for a visit!

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