What’s a food-lover to do?

So what does one do when she cannot stand longer than 2 minutes without breaking out in a sweat from the searing pain going down her left leg? Talk about food. All day long. On Twitter. It fills the void.

For those of you who are not acquainted, this weekend is the HUGE BlogHer Food Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. When I first learned of it several months ago, I begged The Big Guy to let me go. I had only just started the blog then. He rolled his eyes at me, dismissing the question as pure fancy without another word of discussion. I’ll admit, it was a bit ambitious, but that doesn’t mean I still didn’t want to attend.

Oh, to be hobnobbing with the best food bloggers out there! Learning from the most successful ones about writing and photography, and trying all that yummy food! I die a little inside every time I hear from Scharffen Berger about their sure-to-be delightful chocolate treats they’ve contributed. Don’t even get me started on the parties.

But you see, if I had planned on going, it would have been an even bigger disappointment when I hurt my back. My heart surely would have broken into a million little pieces over that missed opportunity, never to be fully-healed again. Seeing as I had already planned on hanging out with the BHF11PP peeps, however, this turned out to be rather advantageous. Hours upon hours stuck in bed, unable to sleep for any stretch of time, are providing ample opportunity to network with other pity partiers who also were not able to make it to the famed BlogHer Food event. I’m learning from them. I’m laughing with them. And my days are a little less bleak. Yay for the peche for putting this together! I would be bored out of my mind right now otherwise!

The pain is beginning to subside, albeit only slightly. It’ll be a little while before I am not only pain-free enough, but also strong enough, to return to the kitchen. It’s amazing how quickly you lose strength in your leg when you have pinched nerves! I cannot wait to dive in and prepare another tantalizing treat. But in the meantime, this will have to do. Cheers!

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