May The Fourth Be With You

Cinco de Mayo arrives tomorrow, which, for many, is no more than an excuse to gulp tequila-based drinks while chowiing down on Tex-Mex cuisine. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The big event on my calendar lands on today, however.

You’re puzzled, I’m sure, as you glance at your totally irrelevant holidays list and find that it is Intergalactic Star Wars Day. The George Lucas saga, however, is not the source of my saturnalia.

Instead, I raise my glass in a toast to my family and friends. Thanks to them, I can announce that I have taken my very last undergraduate exam today. I am done. Finished. Finito. This is a momentous occasion, many years in the making. And I am grateful to all who helped make it happen. I would not be here without them.

May the fourth be with you! And may all your dreams come true!

raise your glass

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