Today’s Lunch

One of my favorite online forums has nothing to do with food, but rather is a ski community. I refer to it as a community because even though it originated online, I’ve met many of the people on the site in person and we’ve become ski buddies over the years. It is so much more than a place to post about your favorite brand of skis or the proper way to carve a turn–it’s home!

It’s not all about skiing though. Take, for instance, the miscellaneous category. Among the messages probing Which digital streaming is better? and Latest Netflix Selection?, the ever-popular Word Association Thread and The Song Title Game, sits the What are you eating for lunch today? thread (which has the closely related cousin, Dinner thread…What’s cooking…). Even in the non-food world, there’s food!



It’s not exactly a thorough bit of discussion. Generally, the answers are one or two fragments of sentences just tossing out into the vast space of the internet what one has consumed that day. Because what the heck, we all eat. There’s common ground there. And sometimes, inspiration as well.



Today’s thread inspired me to photograph my lunch. While it isn’t a recipe for the site, it was too pretty to miss entirely. So here it is: what I’m eating for lunch today. Hope your lunch is just as enjoyable!



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