Adventures in the Grocery Store

Last night, while stopping by the grocery store yet again to grab a few things (I haven’t had a chance to do a full, organized shopping trip in over a week), I realized something: I don’t take enough chances. It could be something as simple as I don’t try many new foods other than baked goods that are comprised of ingredients that I already know I like, but it goes further than that. I settled down young and with that came comfort, steadiness, continuity… in short, domestication. Which there’s nothing wrong with that, but it means that oftentimes, whatever was the sure way was the way to go.

Last summer, I tried to change this a bit. I walked outside my comfort zone and rediscovered a side of me I hadn’t seen in years. I started writing poetry again, learned about new people by actually going out and spending time with them, and mustered the courage to display my photography for the first time in a local gallery show. I signed up for a creative writing course, investigated student film, and was lured into a film writing class this semester. I rekindled my love for baking and started this blog, proof positive of the journey I’ve been on and how far I’ve come in such a short time.

Despite all of this, there have been no great leaps and bounds on the food-front. What a shame.

Grocery Store ChallengeI vowed to change that, right there in the grocery store. What you see is an assortment of new food items I will be trying over the next week. I’ll report back here on what I thought, though please don’t be put off by my lack of proper foodie terminology–I’m still learning the ropes. Go easy on me. 🙂 And hopefully, this will be the start of a regular event: my adventures in the grocery store. Wouldn’t it be great to just eat my way through it?

…I better add going to the gym again to the list.

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