Fall is the start of Baking Season

As the name of this blog implies, not only do I enjoy writing, but I’m also a huge fan of baking. Though I guess it could also mean that the kids locked me up in the pantry, which would not be outside the realm of possibilities. Regardless, baking is a joy and often when I’m struggling with those things that weigh us down, I tend to find myself at the mixing bowl, ensuring that I really *am* weighed down.



The problem is that school gets in the way. It’s difficult to make the time when you have classes 2 whole days a week plus 4 courses-worth of homework to complete. And even if I did find the time, the disaster that would ensue from all that indulgence without time for exercise would be absolutely catastrophic. So it’s probably for the best that my apron is hung up, for the time being.

ice cream cookie sandwich

Inspiration comes from many sources. Some of my favorite food bloggers include:

And, of course, TasteSpotting. TasteSpotting is an addiction–food porn at its purest. Gorgeous photos of beautiful food, anything you can think of. I love the randomness of it and that if you’re searching for something in particular, it will work that way as well.

I can’t wait til I get through the midterm crunch… and for the aroma of something delectable in the oven again. For the time being, however, Toll House ready-dough will have to do.

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